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<aside> 💡 I've used other Notion templates to put this one together. Use it as your base, play with it, build new stuff, pull in other templates. Notion is super-powerful, yet so easy. Think about it as a big box of Legos — it's just a bunch of bricks to start with, but you can build wonderful things with them. Notion is exactly like that. Use your imagination to build stuff that will help you get ahead and feel better about yourself.


<aside> 💡 My guidance was: what would be a simple way to get organized in Notion? Not one of those super-complicated dashboards that some guys are building, but something simple to get you started. A task list, an idea box, inbox to read and discover stuff. A place to write. And share. A private calendar. I'd add a simple OKR table, Meeting Notes, and a Personal CRM. What else would one need? Journaling template for reflection, and potentially a Daily checklist.


Then the building blocks are as follows:


Task List

idea box